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Fighting Stigmatisation

Revolution in Egypt's mental health care BBC News

"A change is long overdue. Community-based treatment is what we're looking at now"

Nasser Loza, Mental Health Secretariat

Insanity, Egypt's psychiatric history

'Insanity': Egypt's psychiatric history, developments and stigma

'Views regarding modern psychiatry have never really had sufficient opportunity to integrate themselves properly into most local Egyptian communities' Nasser Loza

In search of new behaviour

"It's not the Egyptian personality that has changed, but only a few behavioural traits as a result of people tasting freedom" Nasser Loza

End of the line

The fast-paced daily life has driven many people to become "robots in a material world." Nasser Loza

The Meeting of Minds

Dr Fathy Loza:

The family that smiles together, psychoanalyses together
"The norm is not to shock people around you," Dr Fathy Loza
Al-Ahram Weekly 19 - 25 December 2002, Issue No. 617, Profile

Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Tarek Nour Meets with Dr. Nasser Loza to discuss Mental Health Awareness Campaign.
Thursday, May 25, 2006

Clean Sleep

'The active process of disengagement from our surroundings'
Dr Shahira Loza

Nile TV Interview with Dr. Loza (Arabic)

Nile TV interview with Dr. Loza on the human rights of persons with mental illness.

Getting Clean

Ayman Kodera, Overcoming substance abuse in Egypt, Getting Clean, Cairo East, a subsidiary of Cairo West community magazine, free publication, Issue no.17, September 2013, pp. 46-48

In her Father Shoes

An interview with Dr Shahira Loza, on Eve's Talk

Snooze malfunction

An article by Dr Shaira Loza in Al-Ahram Weekly

Dr N Loza: An alleged case of demonic possession

Dr Nasser Loza discusses an alleged case of demonic possession, and aspects of traditional healing.

"If we could get rid of pride from our personality; the world would be much more at peace" Dr N Loza

Blogs and Magazines for Professionals

Medical Blogs and Magazines:

Overseas Blog: Egypt

The Overseas Blog, Egypt's blog of The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Blogger: Dr E. Sidhom

Frontiers Blog

Frontiers Blogs: The Stigma of mental illness, the unintended learning outcomes
Blogger: Dr E. Sidhom

ECT Machines in Egypt

ECT Machines in Egypt, from the rotary dial to the touch screen
RCPsych Overseas blogs, Egypt, 09/08/2013
Blogger: Dr Emad Sidhom, MBBCh, ABPsych

Questions about demonic possession

Clinical experience in answering questions about demonic possession
Blogger: Dr Emad Sidhom

The Stigma of mental illness

The Stigma of mental illness, the unintended learning outcomes
Frontiers blog
Blogger: Dr Emad Sidhom

Uprising in Egypt and mental health

Uprising in Egypt and mental health, in-between lines
Frontiers blog:
Blogger: Dr. Emad Sidhom

Possibe Iatrogenic aspects of ECT stigma

Possible Iatrogenic aspects of ECT Stigma, published on doc2doc British Medical Journal, doc2doc blog, 2013

Redefining NeuroPsychiatry

A blogpost on the British Medical Journal doc2doc clinical blog
Blogger: Dr E Sidhom

Reverse Medical Engineering of ECT Machines

Blog about old ECT Machines at Behman, published in Frontiers Blogs
Blogger: Dr E Sidhom

ADHD and the dilemma of its diagnosis

Blog at BMJ doc2doc
Bloggers: Dr E. Sidhom, Dr H. Badawy

Medical Blogging, an overview, pearl or peril

Medical Blogging an overview pearl or peril.
A Medical Blogpost on doc2doc BMJ Blogs
Blogger: Dr E Sidhom