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Behman Hospital invests in the future of mental health resources-both its own and the country's-through every student and practicing professional its staff trains and through every group of parents, teachers or community leaders its staff addresses. By way of these interactions, the hospital enhances the understanding of mental illness and helps to reduce its stigma, while at the same time, shaping the practice of psychiatry.

As a teaching hospital, Behman is proud of the foundation and knowledge it gives the professionals it trains. We are equally proud of what these individuals, in turn, give to the community.

Medical Information Articles:

Mental Health Information

The following websites provide mental health information for public.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists
The American Psychiatric Association

The Progress of Psychopharmacology

The Progress of Psychopharmacology Amidst Political Turmoil, by Dr. Fathy Loza
The History of Psychopharmacology and the CINP As Told in Autobiography Volume II. p.143-145
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Thomas A. Ban, David Healy, Edward Shorter (eds):
The Triumph of Psychopharmacology and the Story of CINP
ISBN 963 408 181 9 I. Psychopharmacology. 2. History of 1960s and 1970s. 3. Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum.

Articles by Dr Ben Behman

Rare articles by Dr Ben Behman

Case Presentation

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A weekly case presentation is held at the Behman library; developing communication and education for mental health professionals in order to provide more comprehensive care to service users. Learning this skill is mandatory, as acquiring presentation skills enhances professional competence. Cases are presented by a multi-disciplinary team comprised of a psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse and social worker, all familiar with the presented case's background. The art of case presentation is a ubiquitous challenge to mental health professionals.

Case Presentation sessions encompass Diagnosis and Management of a diverse range of fascinating cases.

Ratification is granted by the designated patient with full confidentiality during and after the presentation.

For further information on how to attend the Behman Case Presentation please contact Dr. Karima Saleh at



Psychflick is a monthly film review that explores psychiatric conditions and mental health issues as portrayed in the mainstream media. The main objective of Psychflick is to raise debate into key topics and perspectives in psychology and psychiatry, and to equip professionals with a range of critical and analytical skills in the mental health arena.

Topics discussed during the sessions include; the image of psychiatrists, psychologists, mentally-ill patients and their families and stigmatization of mental illness throughout the media and its vital impact on people coming from different cultural backgrounds.

It is currently on-hold.

Journal Club

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The Journal Club is held every week at the Behman library; presenting a scientific paper from recent distinguished journals in psychiatry. Registrars present the information in an easily understandable form to the audience. The resolution is for the audience to comprehend what the question is, how the question is answered, and what the take-home points are.

The post-presentation discussion is used to evaluate whether the ideas presented by the authors are valid and, if not, what alternatives may exist and how they could be cultivated.

For further information on how to be part of the Behman Journal Club, please contact Dr Ahmed El-Dosoky at