Research & Training Department

Chairman: Prof. Fakhr El-Islam, Mohamed The Behman Hospital has always been keen on promoting research in different aspects of psychiatry. We believe that research is closely liked to developing and improving the qualities of our services.

The following are examples of research projects carried out by Behman Hospital medical and psychologist teams:

Drug Trails:

Research projects completed and published:

Medical Information Articles:

Offenders with learning disability in Egypt

Offenders with learning disability in Egypt.
Vol. 12, Issue 2, Sep 2010
Learning Disability, Psychiatry
Newsletter of the Faculty of the Psychiatry of Learning Disability

History of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association

The Egyptian Psychiatric Association was established in 1971. The founders were:

Abdel Aziz Askar, Adly Fahy, Ahmed Okasha, Ahmed Wagdy, Fathy Loza, Gamal Aboul Azaem, Mahmoud Sami Abdel Gawad, Mohamed Kamal El Kholy, Selim Osman

Insanity on The Nile

Insanity on the Nile. (The history of Psychiatry in Ancient Egypt)
Loza N. & Forshaw D. (1988 )

Psychiatry Services in Egypt

Psychiatry Services in Egypt Scope for improvement
Loza N. & Nabil I . (1990 ) P.17 ,18
Business Monthly, April 1990

Psychiatry in the Global Village

Egypt : The pace of life and the pace of reform in Psychiatry in the Global Village
Loza N. & Nabil I . (1992 )
Gaskell publications 1992 P. 115- 120