Consultancy Clinics

Consultancy Clinics Photo Consultancy Clinics

Outpatient services are available at the hospital site in Helwan seven days per week, as well as at the outpatient offices in Cairo, at the following addresses:

Outpatient consultations cover the following areas:

General Adult Psychiatry

Assessment of a wide range of psychological problems, Including mild and severe neurotic disorders and other mental health problems. And offering Individual, Marital, Family counselling.

Old Age Psychiatry

A subspecialty service for people over 65 years with memory problems, depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems following medical conditions, as well as counselling for retirement associated problems and losses related to old age.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Providing assessment management for children and adolescents with various psychological problems including school maladjustment, Attention Deficit problems, learning difficulties, Autism, bed wetting and behavioural disturbances.

Substance Misuse Clinic

Assessment, consultation and education for people suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol, and providing guidance for other inpatient services, halfway houses and self help groups.

Psychological Services

Including assessments by qualified psychologists for testing Intelligence and personality, and application of non-medical methods of treatment including Analytical psychotherapy, Cognitive and behavioural therapy and relaxation techniques.

Learning Disabilities

Assessment of people with mental handicaps, and offering advice regarding education, rehabilitation and residential and day time care facilities.

Sleep Disorders

Offers assessment and management of various Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, Hypersomnia and abnormal events accruing during sleep, with various available tools including a fully equipped Sleep Laboratory.