Inpatient Facilities

Old Age Psychiatry Department

Entrance Photo Geriatric Facilities

For more than 40 years, the Behman Hospital has provided comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for elderly men and women in psychiatric distress.

In 1998, a separate department had been established and dedicated exclusively to meeting the mental-health needs of the elderly and to support their families.

A secure, tranquil Environment: The old-age department facilities are specifically designed to meet the physical and behavioural needs for older patients. Special needs access comfortable inpatient units and high staff-to-patient ratios are among the features that ensure patient safety. A predictable daily routine and the beautiful Behman grounds and gardens enhance comfort.

We meet these goals through:

Learning disabilities

Disabilities Photo Learning disabilities

Rehabilitation unit for Learning Disabilities and Mental Retardation.


Addiciton ward Photo Addiction Services

The Behman addiction services integrates philosophies and practices from the medical, psychological, family systems and 12 step model. This is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to the treatment of the disease of addiction where a holistic approach is adhered to. With the understanding that alcoholism and drug addiction are often triggered by an underlying disorder, clinicians at our treatment centre effectively address the needs of patients having one or several diagnoses. Although Behman addiction treatment focuses on drug and alcohol dependencies, we believe that all potential addictions need to be assessed and addressed as early as possible. This includes food disorders, co-dependency, compulsive sexual behaviour, internet addiction, and gambling.

The appropriate use of medications is significantly important during the detoxification process as well as throughout the patients journey of recovery. This is a process of balance, because the inappropriate use of medications can be a major cause of relapse and suffering. All patients admitted to Behman will have their medication needs evaluated by psychiatric and medical experts. Sauna therapy may also be used during detoxification.

The residential clinical programs -both primary and secondary- also use cognitive-behavioural approaches, and psycho-educational groups are also utilised. The group process facilitates the patients learning process of how to identify issues that have contributed to their symptomatic behaviors and how to gain new coping skills and healthy behaviors. Patients also learn relapse prevention strategies through the use of other treatment modalities that include experiential work such as psychodrama, art therapy, and movement therapy and imagery.

The same philosophy and modalities are extended to members of the after-care program that have the opportunity to monitor and continue to develop their social skills for 12 months after residential treatment. A drug screening is also included.

Addiction is a disease that affects the family. Statistics show that treating an individual within the context of the family system provides a much stronger foundation for recovery by developing understanding, support, and healing for the whole family, this is all possible through the family program at Behman.

Finally, patients are encouraged to explore and develop their spiritual connection through 12 step meetings and other integrative therapies that enhance the process of recovery such as acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and physical exercise.

General Adult Psychiatry

General Adult Psychiatry Photo General Adult Psychiatry

Assessment for patients with various psychiatric disorders, and establishment of comprehensive management plans, including necessary laboratory, neurophysiological and Psychological investigations. Treatment carried out by a multidisciplinary team comprised of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social workers, Nurses and Occupational Therapist.

Psychology Department

Psychology Department Photo Psychology Department

Clinical psychological services at the hospital are conducted by a staff of Psychotherapists, Psychometricians, Counsellors. They are chosen from the graduates of the departments of psychology at accredited universities in Egypt and/or abroad. The services they offer are extended to both in-patients and out-patients.

The Department's Services Include:

The psychology department is dedicated to constantly reviewing and adopting current developments in approaches to treatment and patient care.

Extra Facilities

Physiotherapy Department

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Physiotherapy is a dynamic profession which uses a range of treatment techniques to restore movement and function within the body. The Behman Hospital provides a comprehensive out-patient and inpatient physiotherapy service by registered physiotherapists supported, where necessary by consultant specialists.

The physiotherapy service aims to provide a quality needs bed centred treatment to optimize functional potential and encourage maximum independence.

Our Range of service includes:

Patient profile: A wide range of patients may benefit from physiotherapy for example:

Treatment philosophy: Our Philosophy consists of:

Role of P.T. in certain conditions:

Physiotherapy Facilities

General Adult Psychiatry Ward Photo Facilities

The physiotherapy department provides the following therapeutic modalities:


Hydrotherapy Pool:

Can help to mobilize joints and promote exercise in a non weight bearing environment.

Movement Techniques:

These comprise: Passive, Active assisted, Active free, and resisted movements.

Manipulative therapy:

Spacious Gymnasium:

Newly set up unit have modern high-tech equipments to aid with the rehabilitation of patients who need special exercise equipment, used to help individuals regain strength, balance, muscle tone to increase walking ability and other abilities lost through such events as stroke or post surgery as hip-replacement.

Laboratory & Investigation Unit

Laboratory Photo Lab & Investigation Unit

To assist in screening patients and for follow up, an up to date unit with facilities comprising.

Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation Photo Art therapy, Handrafts pottery

At the Behman Hospital we believe in Art as a healer. An important aspect of our philosophy in treatment is allowing our patients to express themselves through art. The late Dr Magdi Refaat, a painter sculptor and physician, helped our patients to achieve their potential as artists. He worked with different groups of patients on different days. Currently, Ms Carol Hammal a certified art therapise carries the message onwards and as you can see, some of the material in our website is our patient's creation. head to the gallery page to view more pictures

Recreational Facilities

Tennis Facilities Photo Recreational Facilities

Our fully qualified sports activity coordinator arranges various individual and group sports which may include Tennis, table Tennis, Squash, Football, Volleyball. Creative activities and relaxation sessions are also available. head to the gallery page to view more pictures