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We offer a wide choice of medical services

We at Behman strive to offer our patients the highest quality treatment, offering a multiude of services at our hospital and outpost clinics.

Outpatient services are available at the hospital site in Helwan seven days per week, as well as at the outpatient offices in Cairo, at the following addresses:

    • Inpatient:
      Provides evaluation and treatment for patients with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. A daily routine of group activities and medications helps patients while staff members work closely with family members to devise appropriate care plans.
      Elderly with acute or chronic psychiatric disorders that require hospitalization. The department serves patients with wide range of disorders, including those complicated by medical or neurological problems. An intensive program of activities and groups encourages patient to regain their skills and independence in a setting compatible with their present physical abilities.
    • Outpatient:
      The outpatient clinic provides full evaluation and treatment services to older adult with psychiatric disorders that do not require hospitalization.
    • Memory Diagnostic Clinic:
      Provides Comprehensive diagnostic services for people with memory or other cognitive impairment. The patient receives thorough psychiatric, neurological, and neuropsychological evaluation, resulting in a diagnosis as well as treatment recommendations.The clinic also provides ongoing follow-up treatment, and additional services as appropriate.
    • House-based Services:
      For those patients that do not require hospitalization but they need close management and observation, we can offer 24-hours nursing service by a well-trained staff under close supervision of a qualified nurse. Psychiatric follow-up care is provided.