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Staff Photo Dr. Nehad Sanan

Dr. Nehad Sanan

PhD, MA, BSc

Psychologist - Team Leader - Addiction Dept.

PhD in Psychology - Addiction & Family Therapy
MA Clinical Psychology, Counseling & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Diploma in General & Clinical Psychology

Dr. Senan has been working at The Behman since 1981 in:
* General Counseling.
* Assessment of different Children, Adult and Geriatric illnesses & Rehabilitation Program.
* Assessment for employment in pharmaceutical & medical production & petrol companies.
* Addiction counseling inpatient & outpatient settings.
* Family & Couples Counseling.
* Counseling in Group Therapy
* HIV Counseling: Individual & Supportive Psychotherapy.
* Counseling in Psychosexual Dysfunctional.
* Trainer in Substance Misuse Courses.
* Team Leader of Addiction Department & Supervisor of Recovering Addicts working as counselors and supervisors.
* Member of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy
* Member of the Egyptian Association for Group Therapy and Processes

Staff Photo Ms. Sara El Mallawany

Ms. Sara El Mallawany



Miss Mallawany joined The Behman Hospital Psychology Department in 2012.

She completed her BA in Clinical Psychology at The American University in Cairo (AUC) in 2012. Miss Mallawany obtained her MSc in Transcultural Mental Health from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in 2015 and is a Graduate Member of The British Psychological Society.

Miss Mallawany provides psychotherapy and psychological testing and assessments for inpatients and outpatients. She is currently Head of the Inpatient Psychology Department